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LCU Camp to Campus Scholarship Opportunity

Your investment in your teen’s LCU summer camp experience is also an investment in their future college education at LCU. This summer, Lubbock Christian University is unveiling a new opportunity for the LCU Summer Camp family.

Starting in summer 2021, any student who registers and attends Encounter, Camp Champion, and/or Pine Springs will receive a scholarship to Lubbock Christian University for the amount spent. The scholarships are eligible to be combined with other LCU scholarships and be split over a four-year period while enrolled as a student at LCU. For example, the cost is $305 for one week at Encounter, Camp Champion, or Pine Springs. If your teen attends a session of Pine Springs and Encounter, $610 will have been paid for those camps, which means your teen will have a $610 scholarship in their name for enrollment at LCU after they graduate high school. If they attend both Encounter and Pine Springs camps for the next three years, they will have a scholarship for $2440 to attend LCU after graduating high school that will be split over 4 years (8 semesters) at LCU.

This is a wonderful opportunity to not only invest in your teen(s) spiritually, but to invest in their future as a student at LCU. We are excited to begin this new program and hope it provides opportunities for our campers to become LCU students and summer camp counselors. If you have any questions, please email Josh Stephens at or call him at 806.720.7502.

This scholarship credit is only available for the LCU Summer Camps of Encounter, Camp Champion, and Pine Springs. It does not apply to athletic or other camps hosted at LCU. It is not transferable between students and will not be distributed as cash.

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