The Great American West

History * Nature * Livestock * Story

June 14-19, 2024

From “City Slickers” to “True Grit” and “Tombstone,” Hollywood movies continue to frame our understanding of the West. But what really defines the Western film or story? What was life really like for cowboys, ranchers, and their families? How important were horses, windmills, and fences? What myths perpetuate false pictures of the complex history of the West? Join us for a week of engaged learning, as we together live the story of the Great American West. Visit a working ranch, engage history in specialized museums, discover crucial nature patterns for successful farming and ranching, marvel at early pioneers who shaped America.

Through class lectures, daily field trips, shared reading, and evening films, we will spend a week together in this journey of the Great American West.

Who Can Go?

High school juniors and seniors.

What can I Expect

  • Travel back in time in a restored early American village.
  • Hike the second largest canyon in North America, and enjoy an evening of song and story at the renowned Palo Duro play “TEXAS!”
  • Discover wildlife and plant species that inhabit the Texas high plains, and how their interactions shape the landscape.
  • Immerse yourself in the world of the rancher, by visiting a working ranch to get up close with cattle, horses, and true cowboys, and learn how beef goes from pasture to grill.
  • Celebrate the heroes of the Great American West.

How Do I Apply?

You can as we get closer to next years event we will post a link here.

How much Does It Cost?

$595, refundable as a scholarship upon LCU enrollment. You will also receive 3 hours of university credit.

Is there a deposit?

$200 deposit now

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